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The best camper van rentals near El Paso, TX

El Paso's gorgeous mountain landscape is perfect for outdoor recreation and camper van rentals. Two popular spots are the Franklin Mountains State Park and Hueco Tanks, both full of adventure activities like hiking trails or rock climbing walls to suit every taste.

The El Paso Mission Trail is a popular scenic route that includes important surviving Spanish mission stations in Texas. The Ysleta Mission, dating all the way back to 1682, is the oldest on this trail and one of only two missions still run by parishioners today. In a camper van rental, you can visit Socorro built in 1691, and San Elizario with its 1789 garrison church. The El Paso Museum of Art features more than 7,000 works in all mediums from the 12th century to current times.

An outdoor enthusiast's paradise, El Paso is home to the best hikes in Texas. Take a camper van rental and enjoy activities from thrilling mountain biking to secluded camping, there are endless options for nature lovers of all abilities. The American art collection has a lot of fine examples from the Southwest and one park named after immense rock formations is great for active fun collecting rainwater in natural basins. Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site has a plethora of ancient pictographs, evidence of an early human presence. A camper van rental is available locally for picnics and outdoor adventures.

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Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, and Pancho Villa have all walked El Paso Street. It was also where one of America's most famous gunfights took place in 1881.

The Sun City was once called the Six Shooter Capital. El Paso is one of the sunniest locations in the US, with 302 days of sunshine a year.

The Rio Grande River is a natural border between El Paso in the US and Juarez, Mexico. It also happens to be one of the world's longest rivers at 2,240 miles long.

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