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The best camper van rentals near Norwich, CT

Embarking on a camper van trip to Norwich, Connecticut, offers a wealth of experiences to travelers seeking both historical richness and natural beauty. This charming city, known as 'The Rose of New England,' presents a tapestry of cultural landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and delightful attractions.

One of the must-visit destinations in Norwich is the Slater Memorial Museum. Situated on the campus of the Norwich Free Academy, this museum flaunts a diverse collection of art spanning several continents and eras. Travelers can marvel at the copies of classical sculptures, Asian art, African masks, and American fine arts.

Nature enthusiasts will find solace at Mohegan Park, a serene expanse of green offering trails, a pond, and picnic areas ideal for a family outing. The park is also home to the Memorial Rose Garden, where thousands of rose bushes create a fragrant, colorful haven in the summertime.

No trip to Norwich would be complete without a visit to the Howard T. Brown Memorial Park, which offers a perfect spot for waterfront picnics, fishing, or simply watching boats meander down the Yantic River. After sundown, the park becomes a picturesque setting with the illuminated Norwich Harbor casting reflections on the water.

For history buffs, the Leffingwell House Museum provides a glimpse into colonial life. This 1675 historical building acts as a tangible connection to Norwich's past with its period furnishings and detailed exhibits.

For those who love gaming, a stopover at the Mohegan Sun Casino can add an exciting twist to the trip. This sprawling entertainment complex isn't just for gamblers; with shopping, dining, and shows, it offers a little something for everyone.

Adventurous souls might also venture a short distance outside Norwich, to The Last Green Valley, a national heritage corridor with astounding landscapes that stretch through 26 towns in Eastern Connecticut.

Remember to prep your camper van for the journey, plan your route, and pack appropriately for all activities! Camper van trips offer flexibility and a personal touch to your travel experience in Norwich, CT, creating memories that are as much about the journey as the destinations themselves.

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Norwich was founded in 1659 by settlers originating from Saybrook that was led by Major John Mason and Rev. James Fitch.

Waterpower in the Yantic Falls was used for a grist mill in the 1600s by John Elderkin, and later industries used it for making paper, cotton and nails.

Norwich was originally inhabited by the Mohegan Native American tribe.

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